About Us

Scott Sendra Design specializes in creating WordPress websites that are functional, beautiful and easy to maintain.

Our WordPress philosophy

For the past three years, WordPress web design has been the core of my business. Using WordPress has enabled us to build websites for groups with a wide variety of needs- from eCommerce to information to marketing and more.

Scott Sendra Design builds custom sites using the most flexible framework themes available. Using a framework greatly speeds the development time while allowing for the greatest degree of customization. Plugins are selected from the best pro and free developers. When possible, we avoid writing custom code. If something changes with a WordPress update that affects the performance of your site, spending the time and money to have custom code rewritten the last thing you need! By using plugins with either pro support or a wide user base allows us to quickly research any problems and repair them.


Scott Sendra is a web and print designer. He brings to his work a life-long passion for design and art.

Born in Illinois and raised in Michigan, Scott has the sort of common sense and grounding that only long, cold Midwestern winters can give you. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from Michigan State University, he reached escape velocity and rocketed off to Philadelphia. There, he learned the design trade by working in a wide variety of environments, from large corporate marketing departments to tiny web design studios. While in Philadelphia, Scott earned a Master’s degree in Painting from The University of the Arts. This was followed by a five year sojourn in Maplewood, New Jersey, where he built web sites for a variety of small businesses and non-profits.

Now safely back in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, Scott has hoisted the younger of his two sons into Kindergarten and rejoined the work force full tilt.

Visit my painting site or my blog Disaster Transport featuring occasional musing about art, music and roadside wonders.